VIAplanner is dedicated to create a central hub of student-oriented toolkits for university students globally. The company redefines what a planner is, and offers students better web tools with a user-friendly interface to construct organized schedules. Students will be able to plan their academic lives through VIAplanner and personally tailor their schedule to include not only academic classes but also events outside of school as well.


Past Events

  • Virtual table at Hack the Case



  • Partnered with UTM Society for Algorithmic Modelling, UTM Mathematical and Computational Sciences Society, Erindale Biology Club, UTM Physics Club, all with 500-1000 members 

  • VIAtimetable allows students to plan their schedules quickly and easily 

  • VIAevent offers events around university campuses and gives students the option to add them to their schedule 

  • VIAcalendar is an integration of Google Calendar that allows users to tailor their calendar based on their university life 


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