We here at iAscend care deeply about student success. 


This section of iAscend is dedicated to providing mentorship, insights, and resources from upper-years to help university students succeed in their endeavors. 



Sign up to be a mentor or a mentee for iAscend’s mentorship program. Incoming university students will be paired with an upper-year mentor based on their university and program. iAscend will also host monthly events for mentor and mentee pairs to explore topics related to student success with one another.

The School Survival Guide features a collection of infographics based on specific topics of interest. This series aims to provide useful tips to help current and incoming students navigate through the uncertainties and challenges of university.



As a society, we seem to shy away from conversations about failure. This section may seem counterintuitive, but as Winston Churchill once said, “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” iAscend aims to maintain your enthusiasm by transforming apparent failure into undeniable success. To begin this journey, we encourage conversations about the lows of one’s career. In ‘The Descent,’ read the CV of failures from various undergraduate students — just like you.



Even without the added stresses of the pandemic, transitioning from high school into university is difficult. We encourage all university students to ask for help. See this section for resource links and content related to the topics of mental health, financial literacy, study techniques, career planning and more. 

Got a question about something related to university? Submit your questions here and our student success team will try our best to answer it either through email or in our upcoming podcast. All questions chosen to be featured on the podcast will be 100% anonymous.


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